I'm one of the first Tribal Fusion Belly dance teachers in Johannesburg. Alibelly  opened our doors in January 2008 welcoming fledgling dancers of all ages and persuasions from those wanting to learn the fun, modern and dramatic tribal style to those wanting time out away from the stresses of work and home.

I love my art, I love my classes and Id love for you to discover just how much fun it really its. 

I discovered Tribal Fusion style bellydance in 2006 and was mesmerised by this precise, controlled modern form of belly dance. Since then I've has poured myself  into learning everything I can about this ever evolving style and pretty much anything to do with Belly dance at all.

Alibelly students are dedicated to sharing this art form with their community and creating a core group of like minded dancers.  We dance for the joy of it, the fun of connecting the dots between Movement, musicality, each other and the audience.  We embrace team work and personal growth.

We love to explore various themes and add a touch of theatre to our performances. Our moto is "if its not fun, we don't do it"

Onto the serious CV type stuff:

Drawing from over a decade in the belly dance world as a student dancer, costume designer and teacher I teach with dedication, patience and passion.

I have my beginners teachers certificate from Jewels of the Nile and have been a student of Candida di Giandomenico and Astrid Lewis.

I have taken workshops locally with Cape Towns Soma The fusion Bellydance Company, Akasha, Ajsa Samia, Heather Tribal Angel and Kash Athanatos. 

 International teachers - Laura Montieth ,  Sherri Wheatley, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel , Bozenka, Karim Nagi, and Aziza,  Michelle Joyce and Kami Liddle.

Ive been honored to be guest dancer at many local studios yearly shows and hafla's and I've performed In the Samantha Emanuel showcase,  Bellydance Fantasy show featuring Bozenka and many prominent South African performers as well as Desert Dreams featuring Michelle Joyce and Kami Liddle.